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David Harry About the Author: David Harry is the President of Reliable SEO and has been building and marketing websites since 1998. He can be found writing about search and internet marketing on the Fire Horse Trail and is the author of the SEO Handbook series www.reliable-seo.com, www.huomah.com, www.the-seo-handbook.com

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Combating Black Hat SEO In Search Results

Now doesn’t that just have a ring to it? The last time I put up a video here on web spam, (from the IR community) it was a less than complimentary view. In the post; SEOs are not Criminals we looked at how many in the search world consider a large portion of SEO to be ‘spam‘ or even ‘black hat‘.

Today, as I was wandering around my reader I came across this one;

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Understanding The SEO magic Bullet Theory

Often one finds themselves looking in the rear view mirror at topics that just won’t go away. One such shadow for me is a set of patents produced in whole, or in part, by Anna Patterson, (former Googler, was to Cuil for ‘em); the now (in)famous Phrase Based IR offerings from Google. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve discussed them/written about them over the years. It seems they just won’t seem to go away (we’ll get back to that shortly)

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Google Continues To Make Search More Personal

Once upon a time me and a few cohorts wondered about just what levels of flux there were in the Google SERPs. Has personalized search really changed the consistency of rankings? It’s an issue that has been spoken about many times in the search world. We set out to see what was up. After two rounds of research we noticed that this was unlikely to be the case. You can learn more in the post; . The SEO guide to Google personalized search

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Breaking Down The SEO Of Page Segmentation

One area that is worth looking at for SEO in 2009 (for me at least) is page segmentation. Now this approach really isn’t new and I came across papers as far back as 1997 and beyond. But unsurprisingly most IR methods don’t just appear over night. The big three, (of search) have each had various research papers and patents dating back as far as 2003-4. It just seems to have some traction and is sensible as well. Read more